Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Not Dead and Free Pattern

The tendency to disappear off the internet for months at a time is something I'm working on, as in not doing as often. I have lots of neat patterns and projects in the works, and even some recipes, and I do plan to post them here, as well as some very late Dragon*Con pictures. Between everyone that went we made over a dozen costumes and they are absolutely worthy of showing off.

In the mean time though I've written up a pattern, that's really more of a tutorial, for my favorite scrubbie. It's a fast and easy pattern and a great way to use up little scraps of yarn. I hope you enjoy it.

Round Dishwashing Scrubbie with Raised Stitches (for extra scrubbiness)

Small amount of worsted weight acrylic yarn (or the yarn of your choice)
I hook (or hook size appropriate to your yarn choice)
Gauge is not important to this pattern

Special Stitches:
fpdc - front post double crochet. Yarn over, insert hook around post of stitch, yarn over and pull through, complete dc.

This is a fpdc in action, this is also one of the few time you'll see me with pretty fingernails. Enjoy.
1. dc 12 in magic circle (if you're unfamiliar with the magic circle technique you can ch 4, join the ch and dc 12 into the circle). Join with sl st and pull tight.

2. ch 3 (ch 3 does not count as first st throughout), (fpdc around dc, dc into same dc) all the way around, join. (24 stitches with a fpdc every other stitch).

3. ch 3, (fpdc around dc, 2dc into next dc) around, join with sl st. (36 stitches)

4. ch 3, (fpdc around dc, dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc) around, fasten off. (48 stitches)

Make two of these circles. If you want the scrubbie to be larger or smaller you can stop at row three or you can continue working rounds, making sure to continue the increase pattern as you go.

When you come to last row of the second circle do not fasten off. Hold first circle to second circle, right sides out, and sc around going through both circles to join them. Fasten off with a sl st and weave ends into center of circle.

This little scrubbie works up in no time. I usually use an I hook with a worsted weight acrylic yarn, but you could use any yarn you like, just adjust the hook size and number of rows until it's the size you want. These are durable and washer and dryer safe, and the fpdcs make great little scrubbing ridges.