Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And the winner is...

I'm sorry that I'm a day late posting the results from the River Song give-away. The words busy weekend don't come close to covering it. The good thing is that the Spar Oom that's been piled with books and junk for literally years is now empty and just a good sweeping and mopping away from clean.

I really can't tell you all how much all the comments and tweets have meant to me. Every time I've seen a new one I felt just like I was opening a present, even if it was just an RT for a chance to win. I was nervous about putting myself out here, and now I feel much more confident about it. But enough of my babbling, you want to know who the winner is.

I never would have been able to pick someone on my own, so I turned to Random.org for what I hope is a truly fair pick. And the winner of her very own crocheted River Song is.... Cloister_Belle! Please email me and I will get her shipped out to you as soon as possible!

There's been a little bit of interest in comments and on twitter about how I made River's crazy curly mass of hair. I'm planning on writing up a tutorial on it this week, even though it's so easy it hardly needs one. Unraveling curly yarn is ridiculously fun. I'm just looking for an excuse to make something else with hair like that.

Thank you all again for reading and commenting and spreading the linkage. I have great plans to have this site up and running with recipes and patterns and pictures of me yelling at my pile of work-in-progress crochet projects sometime soon!

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  1. I have replied to your Twitter. Thank you so much for picking me, I can't wait to see her. I can't find an email adrress for you though. I'm happy to DM any details you need on Twitter though. Im soooo excited.